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Case Study: New Century Health Clinic (Chapter 2)

Case Study: New Century Health Clinic (Chapter 2)

1.       Dr. Jones has arranged an introductory meeting between the associates of New Century Health Clinic and you to determine if mutual interests exists in pursuing the project. What should the associates try to learn about you? What should you try to learn about in this meeting?
-->           Since, the computerized system would reduce the paperwork as well as the load of work done by all the associates of New Century Health Clinic; there exists a strong business case in pursuing the project. The associates are the one who would be actually using the system that I would be developing, hence, they should look in to the system that I propose and the way I communicate with people. They should make sure that I can communicate with them very well and they understand what I say. They should be able to provide me with every tiny detail of the processes in the business so that I could make an efficient system for them which would make their work easier.
          In this meeting, I would try to learn all about the business. The mission, objectives and vision of the businesses are very important for me to feel them so that I could design the system that would match those needs. I should talk to each associate and their tasks in details so that I can convert them in to computerized system. Since, none of the member of the staff has computer experience; I should avoid using jargons while I talk to them or while I teach them to use the applications. I should also consider the budget provided by the company and the rough feasibility study. I should figure out if the system could be built within the budget separated by the company. I have to think about the risks involved in re-engineering the system. I should also consider the future growth of the company and my system being capable of supporting the possible changes in the business processes.
          Basically, we need to have a very good, two way communication and the support of management in every aspect.

2.      Does the proposed system present a strong business case? Why or why not?
          In my opinion, the proposed system presents a very strong business case and they should re-engineer their system completely in to a digital system which would increase their profit, market share, decision making capabilities, faster services and efficiency.
          Since, the clinic is busier than ever and more profitable than ever the current manual system would be inefficient to handle the growing business. If the clinic would use the digital system to perform its business processes then the efficiency would increase and more application softwares could come handy for the manager and decision makers to see the graphical representation of current business and make decisions based on the digital information. They could use marketing tools to promote the business and so many things which would be next to impossible if they would continue with the same manual system.

3.      For each type of feasibility, prepare at least two questions that will help you reach a feasibility determination.
 Operational Feasibility:
         1. Will the new digital system would ease the current and future work overload, due to company’s increasing market share?
          2. Will the new digital system be user friendly as none of the member of the staff has computer experience?
Technical Feasibility:
          1. Will the company have the necessary hardware, software, and network resources which supports the system that I’m going to built for the business? If not, can those resources be acquired within the budget the company is setting to separate for the re-engineering?
          2. Will the system be able to handle future transaction volume and company growth?
Economic Feasibility:
          1. Does the projected benefits of the proposed system outweigh the estimated costs usually considered the total cost of ownership (TCO)?
          2. Does the budget provided by the company to build the new system to make profit in long run be supported by the tangible and intangible benefits the system would provide to the company?
Schedule Feasibility:
          1. Can the project be completed within the timeframe the company wants us to finish? If not, are they willing to increase the budget to finish it on that particular time frame?
          2. Will the project management techniques be available to coordinate and control the project?

You begin the preliminary investigation. What information is needed? From whom will you obtain it? What techniques will you use in your fact-finding?
          I would need the information as current business process, problems, opportunities, project scope and constraints, project benefits, and estimated development time and costs. I would obtain this information from the manager of the clinic and the staff working for her.
          To gather data about project usability, costs, benefits, and schedules different techniques are used. I would prefer to analyze the organizational chart and conduct a user survey to perform fact-finding for the clinic. I would get the understanding of the business processes of the clinic and I could decide whom do I inquire to collect the data that I need for the development the new system for the clinic.

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